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by Elena Salinas O'Toole

(Co-Founder, Artivist Collective)

Instagram: @artisaright

by Noa Zimmerman

(Co-Founder | Executive Director)

Instagram: @n.o.a_z


by Emily Goniea

(Co-Founder | Operating Director)

Instagram: @emgoniea

by Ayoni

Instagram: @ayonimusic

by Jerad Bryant

Instagram: @jerad.tb

by Westerly


Instagram: @westerlytheband

by Diana Ivonne

Instagram: @lapetiteartiste

by Miles Squires

Instagram: @milessquiers

by Adriana La Artista

Instagram: @adrianalaartista

by Mason Summit

Instagram: @masonsummit

by Taylor Blackwell

Instagram: @themusicalmushroom

by Oliver Klein

Instagram: @olipopt

by Constant Williams

Instagram: @constantlwilliams

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