Anyone can be an artist.

Any artist can be an Artivist.


Who We Are

The Artivist Foundation is building a virtual community platform called Collective to amplify the voices of activist artists and connect them with local and global communities to fight for social, racial, environmental and economic justice.

The challenges we face in this moment are some of the most critical in our history. In the face of social and economic inequality, climate change, and deep ideological division, the world needs to hear the voices of Artivists now more than ever. In our communities and scenes, we are seeing amazing artists rise to the challenge and offer their voices through the creation of powerful work. However, the media landscape has evolved to create barriers that stifle their potential; many Artivists are left without a stage on which to be seen. While they can display their art on existing social media platforms, their voices often get lost among the oversaturation of commercial content. This can make it almost impossible for communities of artists and activists to find each other. In the process, our larger community and culture loses the chance to grow with these artists’ important voices and visions of change.

Art has the power to process and convey our emotions. It has the potential to deeply affect people on a large scale. Collective is a unique space that will give momentum to the necessary movements that will shape the future of our generation.

Our Vision

As a social media platform where Artivists can share and sell their art, support other artists, and put on social action events, Collective will result in the creation of a collaborative, not competitive, community of change-makers, some of whom may not have thought to connect art to activism before. This network will also result in an increasing amount of events focused on delivering messages to those in power. These events will have a greater chance at enticing the public to join Artivist movements because of the accessibility of a movement driven by art. Art is fundamental to the success of social change, and Artivist Collective will grow these movements to the scale necessary for change.

Right now we're working with world class brand designers and tech companies to fulfill this vision. Donate now to help us create a platform to amplify Artivist voices! 

Website/App Features


  • Create customizable profile

  • Post any medium of art

  • Discover other Artivists by location, cause, or medium

  • Plan and promote events/rallies/protests within the app with guidance from provided templates

  • Sell art 

  • Commission artists and find commissioners 

Beyond the App

  • Artivist events/rallies/protests to bring communities together to create change and give an in-person platform to local artists

  • Artivist Warehouses: community spaces with free art supplies where artists can work on individual or collaborative projects 

  • Extracurricular programs to provide after school art, music, film, and creative writing classes in underprivileged communities

Please consider donating to the Artivist Foundation help us build a movement to elevate the voices of Artivists! 

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